Othello – Bowler Crab’s Biggest Ever Tour!

Posted on October 17, 2017 by Chris Packham

C.Packham Theatre and Event Services Ltd is proud to be working with Bowler Crab Productions on their latest tour of Othello. This will be our second time working with the fantastic Sussex based production company under the direction of Stephen John.

Othello Review:

“Congratulations to all concerned for a superb performance of Othello last night. We drove from Ashford and were rewarded by excellent acting and a noteworthy version of a classic tragedy. Great theatrical experience. Rio Attoh-wood and Oliver Towner brought out the individual characters and motivations of Othello and Iago very professionally, and also their interplay (Othello is so much the outsider), but it is wrong to leave out mention of all the other ensemble players and their extraordinary abilities to present the nuances of the text. Kudos for the direction, which was both literate and literary, and praise even for the lighting plot and unobtrusive background music. Looking forward to your next – wonderful!”

Mike Sharp